Surendar Kuselakumar

Welcome! I’m happy you are here! 

You are trying to figure out how to do digital marketing and I’m here to help you. Regardless of whether you are simply beginning or have been in this field for quite a long time, you’ll discover the help you need to become a more efficient digital marketer.


Hey there! I’m Surendar Kuselakumar.

I’m enthusiastic about online business and digital marketing. If I can motivate and help even one individual feel in a similar way, at that point I’ll call that a triumph.

surendar kuselakumar

If you have asked these questions to yourself at any point in your life, then I have good news for you. You’ve discovered somebody to help you find the right answers. 

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  • “How do I start a career in digital marketing?”
  • “What should I learn to become a digital marketer?”
  • “How do I create a website and start blogging?”
  • “How to earn money through digital marketing skills?”
  • “Where do I go to learn everything about digital marketing?”
  • “How to scale up my business through digital marketing?”
  • “How to use social media platforms for business?”

Probably, you might have a lot more questions because you may not have proper guidance and don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in. To guide you as a mentor, as a friend, or whatever you name it, I’m here to help you grow in your profession.

A Typical Story
Life never goes in a way we want but it always moves in a right direction even if we can’t see what’s right in it.
I still remember the first day in college when my department head said “This isn’t reality” after playing a few clips from the famous “FAST AND FURIOUS” movie. 

Yes, I chose automobile engineering as my undergraduate degree as a typical 18 year old boy who was crazy about bikes and cars.
4 years went just like that and I completed the degree successfully with a decent score.
My Unusual Story
I got a job offer during campus placement but rejected it after finding out that it’ll never let me live the way I want.
I didn’t apply to any other job because I don’t want to rush myself into anything and regret it after 5 years.
I took some time to analyze myself and understand what I actually want in life, how I like to live and what would be the best career option for me.
Then I planned to do a masters in management.
It got delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances in the world in 2020. I didn’t like sitting idle in my room, so I started learning what I would actually learn if I started my masters degree.
Marketing was actually way more interesting to me than I anticipated. I started seeing digital marketing everywhere after diving into marketing. I just thought of exploring it when I searched for the term “Digital Marketing” for the very first time in Google but it just grabbed all my attention from that moment. 
I slowly started learning everything about digital marketing on a daily basis. It was exciting. I was learning something new everyday but I felt something was missing and that was the implementation part. Learning without practicing is useless, so I thought of getting into an internship.
And yes! That was a game changer. I got an opportunity to work under the guidance of Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak, the founder of Pixeltrack. When I started practising digital marketing, I loved it even more. I decided to make it my career only after that internship which I joined to practice what I learnt to pass time while sitting idle at my home hoping for the day to start my masters. But now, everything is different. I love what I do because life took me in the right direction, not in the direction which I wanted.